To order PapaFood, please either click on the “order now” button on our website to provide us with your name and phone number for a PapaFood family member to call you, or please contact use @ 0939 745 222 or
PapaFood makes age appropriate foods for Baby. PapaFood currently only produces Baby purees for Baby between age 6-12 months.

PapaFood will also soon be launching PapaFood snacks for babies aged 6-24 months. Please contact us for more information @0939 745 222 or

PapaFood follows the American system for childhood growth and development. Not only do we prepare food in a sterilized environment to international standards. PapaDan oversees or prepares each and every meal. This is the same food PapaDan feeds to his baby.

PapaFood produces all food using the American ServSafe policies and guidelines. All PapaFood staff are trained in food safety under the ServSafe guidelines. PapaFood produces each meal with the same care and love of a meal produced for our own child.
Babies love PapaFood. However, babies follow their own schedule eating what and when they want. As a result, patience is one of the most important rules while raising a baby. It can take 10-15 attempts for a baby to accept a new food. The PapaFood system continually introduces the most nutritious, delicious and safe foods for Baby. PapaFood creates the foundation for a baby to have a very diverse palate, creating the peace of mind every parent needs.
PapaFood is produced daily. Food is our top priority, and great fresh food is our core value. If you have any more questions or concerns PapaFood would like to welcome you to our kitchen any day! Please contact PapaDan @
Baby should start eating whole foods when ready. The typical timing is between 4-6 months of age when baby has fulfilled most of the requirements below:

• Baby is around 6 months of age and has doubled their birth weight.
• Neck control. Baby can sit and control head movements making them more likely to swallow and eat food normally.
• Sucking to chomping/biting. When babies lose their tongue extrusion reflex, the tongue no longer pushes out foods, to accept fluids they may be ready for solids.
• When baby shows interest in food or something new (Baby appears fussy after feedings of just breast/formula milk and while watching you eat)

Babies do not have to start eating only rice porridge as their first food. The best starting foods for baby are soft, sweet, and easy to digest. These include but are not limited to sweet potato, avocado, banana, pumpkin and apples. Serve after cooked and pureed to a consistency close to liquid. Please do talk to your nutritionist about requirement for baby, as Iron deficiency may be a concern for only breast fed babies.
PapaFood is currently only available in HCMC. Shipping fees may apply.
SuperFoods are natural foods with extremely high sources of essential vitamins and minerals. These foods surprise many, take for example Broccoli which besides being high in fiber, antioxidants and calcium, contains more Vitamin C than an Orange! Some SuperFoods that PapaFood uses are Avocados, Bananas, Pumpkins, Carrots, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Red Meat, Black and Brown Rice.
For each ingredient PapaFood has a local relationships with a farmers to provide the highest quality and trustworthy ingredients. We require certifications to be a supplier, and conduct farm visits to ensure quality. These global certifications include but are not limited to Global Gap, USDA Organic and/or EU Organic.
As PapaFood follows both the American USDA Nutritional policy and ServSafe guidelines for food safety, PapaFood creates the most nutritious and safe food for Baby. Each and every meal also comes with complete nutritional information.
Each daily order consists of a delivery of 3 full meals for Baby. Following the USDA guidelines the meals provide the daily requirements for fruits, vegetables, protein and grains. The food is delivered in an insulated carrying case to preserve freshness, and in glass containers for highest quality hygiene standards.
Babies digestive systems and bodies are immature. Babies kidneys cannot digest too much salt. For Baby too much sugar damages teeth, increases risk of obesity, and increases risk for long term health issues of heart and blood.

Whole foods do not need salt or sugar as they are packed full of essential nutrients and minerals for baby. Fresh food made daily provides PapaFood babies with only the best.

Allergies are of a great concern to PapaFood. All PapaFood is selected based upon its history of limited allergies. PapaFood also practices the current best international standard waiting 4 days between introductions of each new food for baby. This allows PapaFood babies to single out potential allergens and keep our babies safe while we introduce them to a wide variety of foods.
PapaFood provides the up limit of required foods per meal for your baby. Please note though that each and every baby is different and overfeeding is just as bad as underfeeding. The key is to keep introducing new foods to help your baby grow and develop. With your first PapaFood meal, PapaFood will provide you with a feeding chart with recommended feeding amounts.



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